15 Jun

Ignoring them does not lead to further action

Well, you know what maybe I shouldn’t say that. We are all different. I have found most of them to be all TALK. I paid when I could and I did. They didn’t get it any sooner or when they wanted it. And when I paid it, I was offered huge settlements 50-75%. So yes, credit is still effected with settlements and with any lates.

A few times I even contacted the original creditors themselves and said I refuse to work with your collectors because they are rude, can you and I make arrangements. They agreed, did and got rid of the collectors. I refuse to pay the additional interest charged by collection agencies…no way. Now that’s highway robbery.

5 May

I owe that creditor $12,000

And they are one of the ones that cashed the checks that I sent. It is hard to remember that they are lying. I know that they are, I’ve read that they will and yet when you are on the phone it gets crazy. I also don’t want to request that they don’t call because I’ve heard that this puts you on the top of their list of debtors to deal with as you are considered non-responsive. So, I feel like talking to them every two weeks is a reasonable arrangement for both of us.

I definitely will try saying that the very next time that they call. I am going to go to the site this afternoon and listen to some of his stuff. My DH and I are going in February to see him live. You are such an encouragement and I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me and others on this list.

I let them know the payments I can make at this time and they weren’t happy with that. Their idea of a payment arrangements is to pay nearly the whole payment and of course, they want priority over everyone else. I am not going to avoid them. I am going to do as suggested and agree to speak with them every two weeks and politely let them know that it will be the only time I speak with him. Also, what are orderly payments?

I am not concerned with my credit score as it’s already affected and I am determined to do it the Dave Ramsey way. I am on baby step #2, I think, the one where you start the debt snowball.

Thanks for your thoughts and help as I deal with the calls! I appreciate it very much.

30 Apr

Two of the creditors cashed my checks

Well, two of the creditors cashed my checks that I sent so in theory it’s sort of working.

I am sending another batch of checks next week and will call the two creditors that asked me to, to let them know that the checks in the mail. 🙂

I do have caller ID and yes, I will not be answering the phone for the rest of the week until next week when the batch of checks goes out. Then I can say I just sent you a check for XX amount and have a great day.

Do you have an answering mach w/caller ID? They are only doing their job and they don’t care. Don’t talk to them.

12 Apr

How much do you owe this creditor?

If it’s less than $5k there’s no way they’re going to sue or file for a garnishment. Even if it is over $5k they won’t take any legal action for at least a year once the debt goes “bad”. I know it’s hard to remember when they are on the phone LYING to you…but truly, they have a very effective bark and a toothless bite.

I want you to say this exactly the next time they call you: “Sir, I have already told your company that I will talk to you every 2 weeks and keep you updated on my progress. Since it hasn’t been two weeks since your last call, I am going to hang up now. Goodbye”. Then really do it.

You might have to do that 5 times a day for two weeks but if you are consistent they will quit calling all the time. From their perspective they know that the mean creditor usually gets their money first. They want to harass you to the point of “breaking” and then you’ll scrounge up the money from somewhere.

P.S. the best thing you can do is go to www.daveramsey.com and do some listening in his archives. He’s given so much good advice about these exact situations that I feel like I’m plagiarizing him each time I type 😉

P.P.S. Always remember that it’s your phone. They don’t get to control it….it’s not theirs.

28 Mar

Do you have caller ID and a answering machine?

You don’t answer the phone..sticks and stones will..you know the rest. You said your piece, now wait for their next move. You are doing the best you can, just do it and see what happens. If you want to send them a cease and desist letter that may help, but really it will just elevate it faster. Just stick to your plan, Take care!

ll I can say is, whatever you do, don’t avoid the calls.

1) talk to them, and see if you can make a payment arrangement. Avoiding them will certainly lead to further action by them, not to mention stress for you.

2) If you are in too deep, and can’t come to a suitable arrangement, and don’t want to go to bankruptcy – I would suggest talking to a credit counselor.

Another option, may be Oderly payment of debts – which is not bankruptcy, but still affects your credit rating. If that is your concern, remember that if any of your debts our in collections – your credit rating is already affected.

13 Mar

What do y’all do when the creditors start calling?

Last night the same creditor called me twice and I explained each time that I was sending payments based on the percentage that my debt with that creditor represented from my total debt.

Today I got another call from the same creditor and again I was informed that they were going to take legal action against us and that they would garnish my husband’s wages and put a lien against our house.

Anyone have any encouraging thoughts or words? Any suggestions on what I should say the next time I call? How realistic is it that they would take legal action?

I feel discouraged right now as we were trying to do this on our own and the way things are sounding and looking we aren’t going to have much choice but to refile for bankruptcy.

28 Feb

Creditor just called

Well, I just got a call from a creditor. We have not paid any of our creditors since we initially filed for bankruptcy in August.

We recently decided to try and do the pro rata plan where we send a certain percentage based on our disposable income. Just mailed off the payments on 12/06. Not very much but it’s a start. Hoping to hold off re-filing for bankruptcy if possible.

So the creditor called and said they were representing the creditor and needed to resolve our “case”. They were speaking to my DH at first as he’s the main one on the account. I get on the phone and they are asking for my annual income and stuff and I just tell them that look, my total debt is XX and you represent 11% of that debt and my disposable income this pay period is $231.52 so you get 11% of YY which is $25.47. They kept trying to say that what was my income and what was my husband’s income and then they tried to make it sound like I was sending the whole amount to them. I again said look, my total debt is XX and so on.

They then said that they would hate to garnish my husband’s whole paychecks as they know that would be a financial burden to us. I said that doesn’t happen immediately and they said we will take steps and it will happen in 90 days.

I then said okay, I’ll just make a note that you called and give my attorney a call tomorrow to let him know you called to see how I was doing. She said we’ve only called you once. I said yes, you’ve called me once today and I’ve noted that. Goodbye. End of call.

And then less than 5 minutes later another rep calls. I explain to him that we’ve already received a call tonight and thank you and we’ve sent you $25.47 that you should be receiving shortly and have a great night. End of 2nd call.

So what do y’all think about that? I admit, I was nervous talking to them but worst case scenario I would have to file bankruptcy again. We are just trying to avoid it and get back on track.