14 Jan

Not all my checks have been cashed

Any suggestions? I sent the checks on the 6th so there is a chance that they just haven’t processed them yet. I am about to send another payment out. Hopefully my plan to do the pro-rata plan will work out. 🙂 Seriously, I probably do worry a bit too much. 🙂

I received a letter today form Bonded Collection Corporation on behalf of Chase. I have a question. A judgement cannot be set against me without a court date, is that correct?

B of A also sent a letter stating that they were considering filing a lawsuit against me. The legal action would seek a judgement to collect the entire balance shown above. It is definitely in my best interests (according to the letter) to avoid litigation.

Chad – you really have a calming effect and I really do appreciate all your input. Everyone on this board has been positive and encouraging.

I will work on keeping the plan and trying not to worry about the possibility of legal actions and judgements.

Anyways….off to reading more of y’all’s lovely posts.