29 Jan

Another call

I had not spoken to this creditor so I tried to explain that I would send a payment every two weeks blah, blah, blah.

The rep got very upset with me as I remained calm and in control. She said that the payment that I sent in was unacceptable. I asked if they intended on returning the check to me? She said she wasn’t sure but based on the balance it was totally unacceptable. I then explained my plan and that I was doing what I could and thank you for your call.

I mentioned that I was notating the call and she got even more upset thinking that I had said I was taping the call and that she had not given permission to tape and that I needed to know the laws before I started taping and it was not admissible in court blah, blah, blah. I had to raise my voice to let her know that I was “notating” it not recording it. Sheesh.

Anyway – I’ll see if they cash the check or not. We shall see. But I stayed calm and stayed focus on the plan.

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