24 Nov

Really, what can we do now?!

I go to court in 10 days since I lost my son to the woman who planned on kidnapping him to a foreign country, was arrested for assaulting me and shows extreme PAS toward me. Now she has me for Spousal and Child support orders since the divorce isn’t through yet. I work as a contractor who is periodically employed, so my income is always different.

She will be smoking and drinking away 17% of my hard earned money. I cannot afford an appeal to the biased woman judges’ ruling. So now they will put me into slavery right? By the way, who the hell passes these cruel and inhumane laws? Why haven’t any of these so called National Fathers groups had any effect on these laws yet? I hate to sound like this on this board, but after next week, my life is basically over.

After the deductions, I basically won’t be able to live. After rent, I won’t have enough for food, transp, or any of the other basic necessities. She wants me to pay for her rent, but her own mother is the guarantor on the lease should she not pay.

So I anticipate going to prison for all this. Once this happens, her lawyer will ask the judge to let her return to her country with the child as she is very well off there. So I guess it is all over now. Every which way I fight I loose. Can you blame me for looking into the black hole? I fought hard and still loose either way.

1 Nov

Congratulations on your decision to get debt free

I, too have made that decision and am now working my plan.

Without knowing more about your particular accounts, it is difficult to give you specific advice, however, from a strictly economic standpoint, paying the highest interest rate account off first will save you the most money in the long run. See if you can negotiate the interest rate down on some of the accounts. That will also help. If they are unable to do that, see if they will make a lump sum settlement for 25 – 30% of the balance. (Only if you have the money to do this in short order.) After doing these things, go back to making minimum payments on current accounts, pay the most you can on the highest interest rates and get a second job or what ever you can do to get out of debt.

The stress involved in this consumer/credit culture is ruining people’s lives and health. I speak from experience. Do what ever it takes. Then don’t do it again!!!!!

May God bless you.