30 Aug

Hate to keep differing with you

I hate to keep differing with you, but it’s just not good advice. She needs to keep in basic contact with the creditor. Not subject to their harassment, but in contact. She owes the money, they want the money, she has to pay something, they don’t have the right to harass her.

It’s just morally right to keep in some sort of contact with someone (even a large evil bank) that you owe money to. The large corporation might be horrible to deal with, but they do have money owed to them. You should have gotten your husband involved from the beginning. The two of you should have made this decision together. That is just the way I feel, 2 heads are always better than one. Plus the husband is really responsible for the financial situations in a family. Whether its good or bad. Ask Dave Ramsey about that one…

8 Aug

It’s not so difficult for me to do

I just have gotten conflicting info and wanted to know what y’all have done so I can make a better decision about what we were going to do.

I feel better contacting them when I send payments. Maybe this will work out for me, maybe it won’t. I am going to talk to my husband about sending everything in writing as maybe that is a better way to document our conversations.

I do know that whatever action we take it will be what we choose and we will be in control of it and I won’t let them make me feel like they have the upper hand.

Thanks again for the feedback everyone. It really does help and I know that there are others that are reading the posts and benefiting from it as well.