13 Jul

They can get under your skin and intimidate you

I agree once they know they can get under your skin and intimidate you they will. What I learned about creditors is to ask them to put it in writing. Whatever you negotiate over the phone needs to be put into writing. Always document every conversation in your original handwriting and notes. Time, Day who you spoke with. Make them repeat their name again before you get off the phone. (although its not their real name anyway), you are letting them know that you are documenting everything.

I remember a creditor lied to me. Just lied, supervisors lied and then I contacted “Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks”. I filed a complaint and they go straight to the top. They made the president investigate and respond. Guess what he lied because of course he only knows whats told to him. So I rebutted with back up documentation…They sold my loan in the process….thinking they would not have to abide with the settlement. And now they have nothing.

So yes its up to you as to how you want to deal with them. But, if you are sending them money, don’t talk to them. You know what, I think I missed your orig question. LOL..