5 May

I owe that creditor $12,000

And they are one of the ones that cashed the checks that I sent. It is hard to remember that they are lying. I know that they are, I’ve read that they will and yet when you are on the phone it gets crazy. I also don’t want to request that they don’t call because I’ve heard that this puts you on the top of their list of debtors to deal with as you are considered non-responsive. So, I feel like talking to them every two weeks is a reasonable arrangement for both of us.

I definitely will try saying that the very next time that they call. I am going to go to the site this afternoon and listen to some of his stuff. My DH and I are going in February to see him live. You are such an encouragement and I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me and others on this list.

I let them know the payments I can make at this time and they weren’t happy with that. Their idea of a payment arrangements is to pay nearly the whole payment and of course, they want priority over everyone else. I am not going to avoid them. I am going to do as suggested and agree to speak with them every two weeks and politely let them know that it will be the only time I speak with him. Also, what are orderly payments?

I am not concerned with my credit score as it’s already affected and I am determined to do it the Dave Ramsey way. I am on baby step #2, I think, the one where you start the debt snowball.

Thanks for your thoughts and help as I deal with the calls! I appreciate it very much.