30 Apr

Two of the creditors cashed my checks

Well, two of the creditors cashed my checks that I sent so in theory it’s sort of working.

I am sending another batch of checks next week and will call the two creditors that asked me to, to let them know that the checks in the mail. 🙂

I do have caller ID and yes, I will not be answering the phone for the rest of the week until next week when the batch of checks goes out. Then I can say I just sent you a check for XX amount and have a great day.

Do you have an answering mach w/caller ID? They are only doing their job and they don’t care. Don’t talk to them.

12 Apr

How much do you owe this creditor?

If it’s less than $5k there’s no way they’re going to sue or file for a garnishment. Even if it is over $5k they won’t take any legal action for at least a year once the debt goes “bad”. I know it’s hard to remember when they are on the phone LYING to you…but truly, they have a very effective bark and a toothless bite.

I want you to say this exactly the next time they call you: “Sir, I have already told your company that I will talk to you every 2 weeks and keep you updated on my progress. Since it hasn’t been two weeks since your last call, I am going to hang up now. Goodbye”. Then really do it.

You might have to do that 5 times a day for two weeks but if you are consistent they will quit calling all the time. From their perspective they know that the mean creditor usually gets their money first. They want to harass you to the point of “breaking” and then you’ll scrounge up the money from somewhere.

P.S. the best thing you can do is go to www.daveramsey.com and do some listening in his archives. He’s given so much good advice about these exact situations that I feel like I’m plagiarizing him each time I type 😉

P.P.S. Always remember that it’s your phone. They don’t get to control it….it’s not theirs.